Funds Holding HTZWW

On this page, we present all of the funds holding HTZWW from our database of 13F filers, detailed in the table below. The first column indicates the name of each of the funds holding HTZWW, with a link to that fund's top holdings. The next columns indicate the amount of HTZWW stock held by each of the funds holding HTZWW, followed by the HTZWW position size held by the fund, and lastly the date of the quarterly filing period the data represents. In total, we count 89 funds holding HTZWW within the last two filing periods in our coverage universe of 13F filers, with the largest position size having been reported by HBK Investments L P. For more details on the positions held by HBK Investments L P (or by any of the other funds holding HTZWW), click the fund name in the "Holder" column of the funds-holding-HTZWW table below.

HolderAmountPosition Size
($ in 1000's)
 As of
HBK Investments L P2,916,375$28,551 06/30/2022
     HTZWW2,916,375$28,551 06/30/2022
Discovery Capital Management LLC CT1,872,665$18,333 06/30/2022
     HTZWW1,872,665$18,333 06/30/2022
K2 Principal Fund L.P.1,471,486$14,406 06/30/2022
     HTZWW1,471,486$14,406 06/30/2022
D. E. Shaw & Co. Inc.1,388,091$13,589 06/30/2022
     HTZWW1,388,091$13,589 06/30/2022
Carronade Capital Management LP1,255,097$12,287 06/30/2022
     HTZWW1,255,097$12,287 06/30/2022
Hein Park Capital Management LP1,222,984$11,973 06/30/2022
     HTZWW1,222,984$11,973 06/30/2022
Cowen Investment Management LLC1,168,099$11,436 06/30/2022
     HTZWW1,168,099$11,436 06/30/2022
Polygon Management Ltd.898,359$8,795 06/30/2022
     HTZWW898,359$8,795 06/30/2022
Clough Capital Partners L P789,540$7,730 06/30/2022
     HTZWW789,540$7,730 06/30/2022
Coatue Management LLC762,095$7,461 06/30/2022
     HTZWW762,095$7,461 06/30/2022
Privium Fund Management B.V.701,380$6,867 06/30/2022
     HTZWW701,380$6,867 06/30/2022
Cowen AND Company LLC544,069$5,326 06/30/2022
     HTZWW544,069$5,326 06/30/2022
Aristeia Capital LLC500,000$4,893 06/30/2022
     HTZWW500,000$4,893 06/30/2022
Morgan Stanley489,792$4,794 06/30/2022
     HTZWW489,792$4,794 06/30/2022
Goldman Sachs Group Inc.374,033$3,661 06/30/2022
     HTZWW374,033$3,661 06/30/2022
Zazove Associates LLC175,900$2,685 03/31/2022
     HTZWW175,900$2,685 03/31/2022
Prelude Capital Management LLC221,255$2,166 06/30/2022
     HTZWW221,255$2,166 06/30/2022
Warberg Asset Management LLC213,192$2,087 06/30/2022
     HTZWW213,192$2,087 06/30/2022
Venator Management LLC125,000$1,224 06/30/2022
     HTZWW125,000$1,224 06/30/2022
Susquehanna International Group LLP92,077$901 06/30/2022
     HTZWW92,077$901 06/30/2022
Condor Capital Management86,492$847 06/30/2022
     HTZWW86,492$847 06/30/2022
Parallax Volatility Advisers L.P.83,850$821 06/30/2022
     HTZWW83,850$821 06/30/2022
Sterneck Capital Management LLC70,391$689 06/30/2022
     HTZWW70,391$689 06/30/2022
Credit Suisse AG69,240$678 06/30/2022
     HTZWW69,240$678 06/30/2022
Whitebox Advisors LLC56,789$556 06/30/2022
     HTZWW56,789$556 06/30/2022
CSS LLC IL46,704$457 06/30/2022
     HTZWW46,704$457 06/30/2022
Barclays PLC43,737$428 06/30/2022
     HTZWW43,737$428 06/30/2022
Two Seas Capital LP41,013$402 06/30/2022
     HTZWW41,013$402 06/30/2022
Bank of America Corp DE37,526$367 06/30/2022
     HTZWW37,526$367 06/30/2022
Citadel Advisors LLC37,423$366 06/30/2022
     HTZWW37,423$366 06/30/2022
Flow Traders U.S. LLC36,012$353 06/30/2022
     HTZWW36,012$353 06/30/2022
JPMorgan Chase & Co.35,711$350 06/30/2022
     HTZWW35,711$350 06/30/2022
Hosking Partners LLP35,090$344 06/30/2022
     HTZWW35,090$344 06/30/2022
Advisor Group Holdings Inc.30,399$297 06/30/2022
     HTZWW30,399$297 06/30/2022
BCK Capital Management LP30,000$294 06/30/2022
     HTZWW30,000$294 06/30/2022
AJ Wealth Strategies LLC27,937$274 06/30/2022
     HTZWW27,937$274 06/30/2022
Berkshire Asset Management LLC PA25,000$245 06/30/2022
     HTZWW25,000$245 06/30/2022
Zacks Investment Management21,694$212 06/30/2022
     HTZWW21,694$212 06/30/2022
Hsbc Holdings PLC20,979$206 06/30/2022
     HTZWW20,979$206 06/30/2022
Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Inc.20,626$202 06/30/2022
     HTZWW20,626$202 06/30/2022
Susquehanna Fundamental Investments LLC13,092$199 03/31/2022
     HTZWW13,092$199 03/31/2022
BBR Partners LLC17,744$174 06/30/2022
     HTZWW17,744$174 06/30/2022
Strategic Advisors LLC16,177$158 06/30/2022
     HTZWW16,177$158 06/30/2022
Jane Street Group LLC16,174$158 06/30/2022
     HTZWW16,174$158 06/30/2022
Steel Peak Wealth Management LLC16,168$158 06/30/2022
     HTZWW16,168$158 06/30/2022
Stratos Wealth Partners LTD.15,710$154 06/30/2022
     HTZWW15,710$154 06/30/2022
UBS Group AG15,550$152 06/30/2022
     HTZWW15,550$152 06/30/2022
Commonwealth Equity Services LLC15,332$150 06/30/2022
     HTZWW15,332$150 06/30/2022
Seelaus Asset Management LLC15,275$149 06/30/2022
     HTZWW15,275$149 06/30/2022
Truist Financial Corp15,029$147 06/30/2022
     HTZWW15,029$147 06/30/2022
Redmont Wealth Advisors LLC15,000$147 06/30/2022
     HTZWW15,000$147 06/30/2022
Wealthsource Partners LLC14,939$146 06/30/2022
     HTZWW14,939$146 06/30/2022
Royal Bank of Canada13,421$131 06/30/2022
     HTZWW13,421$131 06/30/2022
Squarepoint Ops LLC12,819$125 06/30/2022
     HTZWW12,819$125 06/30/2022
Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Co.11,174$109 06/30/2022
     HTZWW11,174$109 06/30/2022
Ruffer LLP11,150$109 06/30/2022
     HTZWW11,150$109 06/30/2022
Foundations Investment Advisors LLC10,840$105 06/30/2022
     HTZWW10,840$105 06/30/2022
Creative Planning10,639$104 06/30/2022
     HTZWW10,639$104 06/30/2022
International Assets Investment Management LLC10,663$104 06/30/2022
     HTZWW10,663$104 06/30/2022
Spire Wealth Management6,619$65 06/30/2022
     HTZWW6,619$65 06/30/2022
Captrust Financial Advisors5,294$52 06/30/2022
     HTZWW5,294$52 06/30/2022
Blair William & Co. IL4,404$43 06/30/2022
     HTZWW4,404$43 06/30/2022
Wells Fargo & Company MN2,722$27 06/30/2022
     HTZWW2,722$27 06/30/2022
Ronald Blue Trust Inc.1,213$19 06/30/2022
     HTZWW1,213$19 06/30/2022
1,881$18 06/30/2022
     HTZWW1,881$18 06/30/2022
High Net Worth Advisory Group LLC1,613$16 06/30/2022
     HTZWW1,613$16 06/30/2022
IFP Advisors Inc1,214$15 06/30/2022
     HTZWW1,214$15 06/30/2022
Atticus Wealth Management LLC1,425$14 06/30/2022
     HTZWW1,425$14 06/30/2022
Byrne Asset Management LLC1,291$13 06/30/2022
     HTZWW1,291$13 06/30/2022
SJS Investment Consulting Inc.645$10 03/31/2022
     HTZWW645$10 03/31/2022
Russell Investments Group Ltd.1,021$9 06/30/2022
     HTZWW1,021$9 06/30/2022
Rockefeller Capital Management L.P.1,016$9 06/30/2022
     HTZWW1,016$9 06/30/2022
Sandy Spring Bank785$8 06/30/2022
     HTZWW785$8 06/30/2022
Meeder Asset Management Inc.761$7 06/30/2022
     HTZWW761$7 06/30/2022
Signaturefd LLC645$6 06/30/2022
     HTZWW645$6 06/30/2022
CWM LLC645$6 06/30/2022
     HTZWW645$6 06/30/2022
Allworth Financial LP563$6 06/30/2022
     HTZWW563$6 06/30/2022
WNY Asset Management LLC645$6 06/30/2022
     HTZWW645$6 06/30/2022
Citigroup Inc. $5 06/30/2022
     Call520$5 06/30/2022
Proequities Inc.358$4 06/30/2022
     HTZWW358$4 06/30/2022
Ancora Advisors LLC274$3 06/30/2022
     HTZWW274$3 06/30/2022
Total Clarity Wealth Management Inc.271$3 06/30/2022
     HTZWW271$3 06/30/2022
Money Concepts Capital Corp217$2 06/30/2022
     HTZWW217$2 06/30/2022
Nelson Van Denburg & Campbell Wealth Management Group LLC258$2 06/30/2022
     HTZWW258$2 06/30/2022
Carolina Wealth Advisors LLC194$2 06/30/2022
     HTZWW194$2 06/30/2022
Glassman Wealth Services129$1 06/30/2022
     HTZWW129$1 06/30/2022
Larson Financial Group LLC125$1 06/30/2022
     HTZWW125$1 06/30/2022
Parallel Advisors LLC0$0 06/30/2022
     HTZWW0$0 06/30/2022
Crewe Advisors LLC20$0 06/30/2022
     HTZWW20$0 06/30/2022
Lindbrook Capital LLC8$0 06/30/2022
     HTZWW8$0 06/30/2022

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Louis Bacon's: Moore Capital Management
Bruce Berkowitz's: Fairholme Capital Management
Warren Buffett's: Berkshire Hathaway
Steven Cohen's: Point72 Asset Management
Chase Coleman's: Tiger Global Management
Leon Cooperman: Cooperman Leon G
Ray Dalio's: Bridgewater Associates
David Einhorn's: Greenlight Capital
Ken Fisher's: Fisher Asset Management
Jeremy Grantham's: Grantham Mayo Van Otterloo
Joel Greenblatt's: Gotham Asset Management
Ken Griffin's: Citadel Advisors
Andreas Halvorsen's: Viking Global Investors
Carl Icahn: Icahn Carl C
Seth Klarman's: Baupost Group
Daniel Loeb's: Third Point
Howard Marks's: Oaktree Capital Management
Victor Mashaal's: Senvest Management
John Paulson's: Paulson & CO.
Nelson Peltz's: Trian Fund Management
Larry Robbins's: Glenview Capital Management
Barry Rosenstein's: Jana Partners
Jim Simons's: Renaissance Technologies
Paul Singer's: Elliott Management Corp
George Soros's: Soros Fund Management
Prem Watsa's: Fairfax Financial Holdings
Cathie Wood's: ARK Investment Management
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